Get Zoom! to Improve Your Zoom Appearance!

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In the age of video conferencing, virtual work, and limited in-person meetings, your face and smile have taken on greater importance. With the rise of virtual meetings replacing physical ones, many co-workers and colleagues only see your face. 

Woman with a white smile holding a cup of coffee looking at her laptop.

A smile marred by tooth discoloration can significantly impact your appearance and behavior in the new virtual world.

Fortunately, Dr. Fiss offers Zoom!, a teeth whitening procedure that is more effective and safer than over-the-counter bleaching methods alone and maintains longer-lasting results. Teeth whitening with Zoom! can provide you a white smile and improve your appearance on video calls.

Zoom video conferencing and Zoom! may both impact your smile, but only Zoom! can whiten your teeth. Virtual filters cannot compare to the effectiveness of Zoom! teeth whitening. 

How Does Zoom! Work?

Zoom! treatments work faster and more proficient than traditional bleaching technique

After a thorough exam and cleaning, Dr. Fiss can provide an in office-Zoom! treatment

During a Zoom! treatment, Dr. Fiss coats your teeth in a specialized Hydrogen Peroxide light-activated gel. Your teeth are then exposed to teeth bleaching light. 

It is important to note that, like traditional tooth whitening, this treatment requires patients to have clean teeth beforehand. 

This process dramatically whitens teeth more than bleaching alone. Better yet, it helps lock in the new color so the whiteness does not fade. The whole process can be performed in a two-hour appointment with longer-lasting results than traditional tooth whitening. 

Side effects may include sensitive teeth, usually for that day alone. 

This treatment is superior to home whiteners, whitening gels, and tooth whitening toothpaste. If you are looking for a dramatic tooth whitening agent, Zoom! is the way to go.

How Does Zoom! Help With Zoom Calls?

By now, most of us are familiar with video calls and how awkward they can be. 

Virtual meetings can be even worse if you are hyper-conscious of your smile, appearance, or what may be happening in the background.

Zoom! treatments may not be able to prevent someone from walking into your home office at just the wrong time, but they can help increase your confidence in your smile.

Self-confidence is not the only benefit. Smiles and virtual eye contact are some of the only ways to show politeness and friendliness over video calls. For people who are uncomfortable with their smiles, this can have an adverse social impact among colleagues and friends. 

A whiter smile can improve the way people see you and help you appear more friendly and approachable. In these days of social distancing, that can be the difference between a business deal or nothing. 

Are You Interested in Tooth Whitening?

If you are interested in Zoom! treatments, or want to learn more about tooth whitening, please contact Dr. Fiss. You can call our office at 312-642-6631 or fill out our online contact form.