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Bleaching or tooth whitening is a simple procedure, which can be performed with your dentist’s help, to provide a whiter smile. Avoidance of tooth whitening products sold over the counter is wise, for many of these do not work or can be harmful to your teeth and gums.


There are two forms of bleaching available:

  • The Tray Method: Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth, from which carefully molded trays are formed. These trays are thin, light and comfortable to wear. The patient adds a small amount of liquid to the tray and proceeds to wear them for just one hour per day. To achieve the optimal result, we recommend you consistently wear them for 7 to 10 days. The trays are kept and can be used again for touch-ups.
  • Zoom: We now offer Zoom! in our office to compliment our bleaching services.

What Is Zoom!?

Zoom! is a radical in-office teeth whitening system that uses a full-mouth bleaching light combined with a revolutionary 25% Hydrogen Peroxide light activated gel to lighten teeth 6 to 10 shades in about an hour.

The Zoom! Technology

Zoom! is the culmination of extensive research into light technology, chemical reaction to light and years of traditional tooth whitening experience. Combining this proprietary light technology (specially designed for tooth whitening) with a specifically formulated hydrogen peroxide gel in a two part delivery system results in a tooth whitening system that significantly reduces the time it takes to achieve dramatically whiter teeth.

Why Zoom! over Competitors?

Zoom! was developed by the leader and pioneer in whitening products for professional use, Discus Dental. We believe Zoom! is the best, most complete tooth whitening system available today.

The proprietary light technology and light activated gel were scientifically designed to work together for faster in-office whitening. Low sensitivity is an important aspect of the Zoom! procedure.

General Facts About Bleaching:

  • All bleaching systems whiten your teeth, but when bleaching is completed, the color will fade about half a shade. Using the tray method in conjunction with Zoom! helps to maintain, stabilize and advance the desired result.
  • Bleaching can only be performed on clean, healthy teeth and healthy gums.
  • Bleaching will not whiten existing fillings and crowns.  Existing work may need to be changed so as to achieve consistent color.
  • Bleaching only works on enamel. Teeth which have thin enamel due to chemical or physical abrasion will whiten poorly.
  • Sensitive teeth are the most commonly reported side effect.

If you’re interested in this procedure, please contact us to book an appointment. We are also happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


Patient presents with multiple cosmetic concerns

Pictures 1-4 demonstrate:
1. Lack of symmetry and tooth position on the 4 front teeth.
2. All 4 front teeth are a different color. The dark gray tooth previously had root canal treatment.
3. Moderate to severe stain and build up from poor home care.
4. Chipped and worn teeth from grinding.

Pictures 5-8 demonstrate treatment provided:
1. After a thorough cleaning and enamel reshaping, Zoom! whitening was performed.
2. Porcelain veneers were then placed on the patient’s 4 front teeth correcting the shape, size, position, midline, symmetry, and most of all color, creating an incredible natural result. As with all cases, completed appliances were fabricated to prevent grinding.

Zoom & 16 Porcelain (EMAX) Restoration

(1) Pictures 1-3: Patient presented with spacing or diastema between her 2 front teeth, a narrow arch (lacked a broad smile), and crowded and misshapen lower anterior teeth. She wanted a whiter, broader, and natural-looking smile.

(2) Pictures 4-6: The patients teeth were cleaned and Zoom! whitened.16 EMAX porcelain restorations were placed were placed-closing the diastema, balancing the size and shape of all teeth and creating symmetry. Her smile was broadened, lining up the upper and lower midlines. The final result is extremely natural “looking like she was born with those teeth.”


Pictures 1-3: The patient presented with a severely worn, stained, and somewhat crooked smile. In addition he also had an “OPEN BITE.” An open bite occurs when there is a space or gap between the upper and lower front teeth when closed.

Pictures 4-6: After a thorough cleaning was performed the patients’ lower front teeth were reshaped, giving a smooth, less-crowded appearance. Zoom! whitening was performed, bringing the shade up at least 5 shades. Four veneers were placed on the top front teeth, blending not only color, shape, and contour, but closing the “OPEN BITE” to create a youthful natural result.

Cosmetic Makeover: Veneers & Zoom Whitening

Photos 1-3: Patient presented with undersized 4 front teeth. The teeth had varied colors and the gums were swollen. Her teeth were thoroughly cleaned and an intense home care regimen was instituted.

Photo 4: The gum heights across these teeth are uneven, making the teeth adjacent to the 2 front teeth look like baby teeth. To correct that the gum tissue on these teeth, they were trimmed, creating a more even line from left to right .

Photos 5-7: Once the tissue healed, the patient’s teeth were Zoom! whitened. Her uneven lower teeth were reshaped to create smooth straight appearance. To finalize the cosmetic makeover, 4 veneers were placed on the front teeth, creating an amazing result.

Veneers Along With Zoom! Whitening

Pictures 1 and 2: Patient presented with existing veneers on her 4 front teeth. The pictures demonstrate that each tooth was a different color, size, and shape. The existing shape was very triangular and her teeth were flared out. The cuspids or eye teeth adjacent to the existing veneers were small and undersized, creating an imbalance.

Pictures 3 and 4 : After a cleaning and Zoom! whitening, I created a treatment plan to change the existing veneers and add veneers on the eye teeth as well. 6 veneers were placed, changing the shape of the patients teeth to rectangular. In doing so, the color, size, and symmetry were corrected. I also eliminated the flaring or protrusion that existed, creating a beautiful natural result.