Metal-Free Fillings

Many people feel that they should only go to the dentist when there is pain. However, problems may exist without any symptoms. During routine dental exams and cleanings, new decay or breakdown of existing fillings may be noted.

There are many different kinds of filling materials. All dental fillings or restorations have an average life span. This life span is affected by both the provider’s correct choice and placement of the materials as well as the patients home care and maintenance. Patients who chew ice or gum or eat excessive amounts of candy and have poor home care will be more prone to new decay as well as early failure of existing fillings.

The choice or selection of materials used for fillings depends on the location of the tooth and the size of the fillings. Years ago only metal fillings were used. We now can provide metal-free dentistry. These new restorations now meet the hardness and wear resistance of metal fillings, along with satisfying patient’s expectations for cosmetics. Most fillings can be completed in a single visit. As the size of the filling grows, sometimes multiple visits are needed.

After a thorough clinical exam, your dentist can determine what is best for you.

IPS Empress System

Ceramics for high aesthetic standards

The IPS Empress System for inlays/onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges comprises high-quality glass-ceramic materials. The IPS Empress all-ceramic materials fulfill today’s requirements of aesthetic appearance, functionality and durability. Furthermore, the reliability of IPS Empress has been proven in millions of restorations.,

  • IPS Empress all-ceramics provide impressive aesthetic results because the materials look so natural.
  • IPS Empress all-ceramics are used to provide absolutely metal-free restorations. They are a biocompatible alternative for people suffering from allergies.
  • IPS Empress all-ceramics are used at numerous universities throughout the world.

If you are interested in replacing your current filings, contact Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. Vlad Fedin to get ceramic inlays/onlays today.


IPS Empress All-Ceramics – Inlays/ Onlays

Amalgam fillings are no longer a necessity. Inlays/ onlays made of IPS Empress all-ceramics are hardly distinguishable from the natural dentition.

The picture on the left demonstrates the Posterior tooth with an amalgam filling. Note the picture on the right shows an aesthetically pleasing alternative:

  • IPS Empress inlays/onlays

If you’re interested in this procedure, please contact us to book an appointment. We are also happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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