About Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Vlad Fedin

Dr. Vladimir Fedin, DDS, has provided comprehensive, quality dental service for patients in Chicago for over 28 years. As a graduate of Northwestern University, he has long been studying and practicing the dental craft and is committed to providing excellent patient care.

As the founder of Chicago Dental Arts, Dr. Fedin has been a longstanding part of the Chicago community and is proud to have been entrusted by Dr. Fiss to take over his practice.

The Passion for Dentistry Runs in the Family

Dr. Fedin comes from a family of dentists. His grandfather, mother, and younger brother are all dentists. He grew up surrounded by this field, which has instilled the importance of providing top-notch dental care and creating mutual trust between him and his patients.

Many of Dr. Fedin’s patients have been with him for over 20 years, and he hopes to create the same level of respect and trust with you.

When not in the dentist’s office, Dr. Fedin enjoys spending time with his wife of over 35 years and his two grown children.

Bringing Relaxation Dentistry to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

Dr. Fedin understands that there is stigma and fear around dental practices which is why he employs relaxation dentistry techniques and approaches for all treatments. His goal is to ensure that all procedures are pain and anxiety-free.

Dr. Fedin’s approach to your dental care is as follows:

  1. You have comfortable and pain-free dental function, including chewing.
  2. You maintain this for the duration of your life. Not only should you be able to chew your food comfortably, but you can keep your teeth pain-free for a lifetime. This involves a combination in-office and at-home dental care.
  3. You have a smile that you are happy to show off.

Dr. Fedin works hard to uphold our practice’s motto: Changing Lives…One Smile at a Time™. With general and cosmetic dental treatments, you can help increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Certified WaterLase Provider

Dr. Fedin has been using WaterLase for over 12 years and is a certified provider. This advanced dental instrument can be used in many cosmetic and surgical dental procedures and allows for instant healing.

Extensive Experience in Cosmetic and General Dentistry

With over 9,000 dental implant surgeries under his belt, Dr. Fedin has been voted by Chicago Magazine & The Sun-Times as one of Chicago’s leading dentists and implantology experts. And this is only part of what Dr. Fedin offers. He is skilled in general and cosmetic dental procedures, and with over 250 Five Star Reviews, you can feel comfortable trusting Dr. Fedin.

Committed to Continuing His Own Education

Dr. Fedin has taken countless hours of continuing education courses which enables him to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Using state-of-the-art technology is his passion, and he strives to offer the most advanced services available.

Dr. Fedin’s Top Areas of Expertise

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