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Patient Reviews

Sampling of what patients are saying about our office.

I went to Dr. Fiss in 2013 and it was a complicated case with the front teeth from bone loss. He is an absolute artist. I continue to get compliments on a monthly basis to this day. If you want the very best “He’s the Man”.
His staff is excellent and Jody is great. I live in DC now and I won’t let anyone touch my mouth but Dr. Fiss and Dr. Manos whom he worked very closely with to deliver an outstanding smile.
FYI I am super critical and he exceeded my expectations.


testimonial Couple Dr. Fiss! I got my engagement photos back today and I wanted to tell you I am SO happy with how my smile looks!!! I am so appreciative of you!

Dr. Fiss, Jodi & Team, everyday with my new teeth, I fall more and more in love with smiling – which is all a person can ever hope for, really. Thank you for welcoming me into your practice, being patient as I navigated cosmetic dentistry in a global pandemic, being gentle when my sensitivity was out of control, and always being kind and friendly. This experience was more than I ever hoped for, and I’m grateful for that!
Sincerely, Kristin L.

Dr. Fiss and his team are amazing. They are passionate, caring & so welcoming. Dr. Fiss created a beautiful and natural smile for me, he is a true artist and customizes your smile that looks best for you as an individual.

Dr. Fiss is an extremely skilled dentist with deep expertise in his profession. I have referred all my friends and family to Dr. Fiss. Dr. Fiss has had to undo and remediate past dental work that was of poor quality. He repaired my chipped front teeth with veneers, and was so impeccable and particular about the veneers looking natural. He enhanced my smile beautifully, and I am constantly receiving compliments about my smile; my smile was commented on as much as my being in Antarctica with the penguins!

Dr. Fiss is extremely kind and attentive to all your questions and concerns. He and his staff are willing to take the extra time to thoroughly explain treatment options to you. They are extremely knowledgeable at this office. Highly recommend this dentist! I learned more in 45 min than in 10 years at my prior dental office.

In short, Dr. Fiss exceeds expectations. Honest. Experienced. Conservative.
I evaluated the top six downtown Chicago cosmetic dentists to have veneers placed on my central incisors (cross bite situation), lateral incisors, and canine teeth. Dr. Fiss was medically conservative, forthright in his vision, and backs his experience with before/after photos of similar procedures.
Although the procedure was originally cosmetic, now six years later I value the improvement in my bite and jaw alignment above all else.
Peter J.

Dr. Fiss, did four porcelain veneers for me in 2008. I’ve had to do a lot of dental work lately here in Sydney, Australia where I live now. Every dentist who has examined me have all commented on the “beautiful” work of my veneers and ask where I had them done. I’m so pleased Dr. Fiss’s work has endured!

Dr. Fiss is extremely dedicated to helping patients achieve their dream smiles. I was nervous about veneers because I had a decent smile, I just knew there was no other option to correct genetic spacing issues. Dr. Fiss guided me through the entire process and was one of the most responsive doctors I’ve met. He took great care to make sure I was numb the whole time too because I’m super sensitive. My results are amazing and look entirely natural! I’d highly recommend Dr. Fiss if you’re looking to make such a big investment in your smile.
Abbie V.

Dr. Fiss and his staff are truly spectacular! After moving to Chicago from Canada, I met with numerous dental practices for consultations and did not feel comfortable. I had offices that would not explain things properly, and not reply back to emails. A visit to the dentist is not typically thought of as the most fun! However, at Dr. Fiss’s office, you will definitely feel comfortable, and assured knowing he has the best staff and an extreme amount of knowledge and expertise! They are very prompt in providing a thorough explanation of everything that will be happening, and they always answer the phone and reply to emails in a very timely manner! I have first-hand experience with a variety of different services here, and could not be happier. Dr. Fiss was able to suggest an alternative option for fixing my teeth. I was initially going to have him straighten my teeth and add bonding for surface chipping. In a very non-aggressive and non-pushy way, he explained an alternative solution using veneers. At first, I was sceptical of veneers, but I did not understand the process. I ended up choosing to go with the veneers, and thanks to Dr. Fiss, it turned out extremely well and will be a permanent solution that I can enjoy for the long term. there was virtually no pain in the process as well. Dr. Fiss takes great pride in what he does, and also in knowing the most advanced products and technology in every area. When I came in to have the permanent veneers installed, he made sure they were the perfect shade and match before making anything permanent. Dr. Fiss and his team go above and beyond! This is an expert who clearly remains in practice for the pure joy of it and truly helping clients!!! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Fiss and his team…100%!! They are my regular dental location now for all cleanings and maintenance going forward!
Amanda B. (Gold Coast, Chicago)

Words can hardly describe how happy I am with my experience at this practice and Dr. Fiss! I recently had an awful experience with a dentist in NC (front tooth root canal gone wrong) and needed to get my two front teeth worked on. I was incredibly nervous about getting veneers and truthfully terrified about the whole process. Not only did Dr. Fiss, Jodi, and his entire staff go above and BEYOND to make me feel safe, comfortable, and informed as a patient throughout the process–but they were also able to constantly work with me on scheduling issues due to the fact that I travel a ton for work. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for giving me a confident smile to show off everywhere I go!! My boyfriend, friends, and family can’t get over how great it all came out and I’m already getting compliments from strangers! The end result looks gorgeous and natural. I couldn’t be more grateful. You’re the best, Dr. Fiss!
Meghan T. (Chicago)

Once again, “star treatment” from the office of Dr. Fiss. I had an issue with another dental office (root canal) and Dr. Fiss graciously stepped in to assure me that the other dental office financially reimbursed my misdiagnosis treatment. It’s the “going the extra mile” service I truly appreciate and the main reason why he is our trusted dentist for over 11 years. The dental staff are like family and they accordingly treat you as such. Kudos to you all and we are forever grateful to your services.
LUGG X. (Chicago)

Thank heavens for Dr. Fiss and his team. I lost a crown one evening just days before hosting a large event. After sending a panicked email to the Doc that evening, I received a response just 30 minutes later (it was nearly 10 pm) to come in first thing the next morning. The very next day at 8 am I was in his dentist chair being examined, followed by a cleaning, at which time he called the endodontist to see me stat for a tooth extraction. By 11:30 am my tooth was extracted, my prescriptions called-in, and I was home in bed with an icepack resting comfortably. My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Fiss for years as he’s a fabulous dentist, but when the chips (or crown) are down, his sense of urgency, understanding and care are truly above and beyond. Thank heavens! My event was a pain-free success; thanks Dr. Fiss and team.
ALDONA, G. (Chicago)

Dr. Fiss has been my dentist for the past 25 years. Having grown up in the dark ages of dentistry, I was fearful and had avoided regular checkups and routine care. By the time I had my first appt with Dr. Fiss, my teeth were a disaster. He was neither critical nor overwhelmed, but proposed a treatment plan that was manageable financially and emotionally. Eventually, we arrived at the point where things were fixed and primarily need routine care and the occasional upgrade. It is a huge relief to me.
Dr. Fiss makes it a point to explain what is going on and what needs to happen next. After 40 years, he understands dental issues and how patients feel about them. He makes sure you are comfortable and keeps things painless. His staff is professional and warm.
Dr. Fiss takes continuing education seriously, and knows the most recent developments in techniques and treatments. He has a broad network of skilled colleagues for issues like root canals, orthodontia, and gum issues. He is terrific about communicating and coordinating treatments across providers. If you have a dental emergency, he gets you in for treatment as quickly as possible.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr.Fiss for dental care.
Sally M. (River Forest)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr.Fiss, his lovely wife Jodi, and such an amazing staff. Dr.Fiss has a private dental practice downtown Chicago on Michigan Ave. Such a wonderful down to earth family owned dental business. I have been wanting to get veneers for some time now, but I was a little apprehensive about getting them. I met with Dr. Fiss over the summer and he was such a kind and personable guy to talk to. He never pressured me and he went over everything to help me make my decision. I felt very comfortable and he put my mind at ease. He’s knowledgeable, patient, and quick to answer all of your many questions. Dr. Fiss is meticulous and he will make sure your teeth are done properly. At the end of the day I can honestly say I love my smile. Thank you for a job none well. I highly recommend this dentist. Well worth the drive to see him!
Cheryl A B. (Chicago)

I decided to work with Dr. Fiss because I had read so many reviews online raving about his work. I am happy to be yet another satisfied patient who is extremely happy with her new smile! From start to finish, Dr. Fiss was wonderful to work with. He took on my case with enthusiasm, professionalism, and transparency. He listened to what I wanted and set clear expectations along the way. He always checked in and made sure I was doing well. His team was just as engaging and helpful with my case. I felt comfortable asking questions at anytime. Not only did I know I was in good hands, but I actually looked forward to going to my appointments. Jodi, his wife who also managed the front desk, was a delight and was always able to accommodate my busy schedule. She was always so welcoming and even would lend me books to read between my appt’s which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am so grateful for Dr. Fiss for making my smile perfect! He really cares about his work and his patients. Thank you, Dr. Fiss and everyone involved with my case!!
Angelica B. (Chicago)

Dr. Fiss changed my life for the better. I wanted to give my unbiased opinion based on my experience being treated by him but I have to admit that after being a patient of his for a year now, and gaining such a great smile, my opinion is biased! He is the best cosmetic dentist hands down!
I started my journey with Dr Fiss a year ago. I hated my smile. I never liked going to dentists in the past. I’ve had various treatments from other dentists, including invisalign, but I was never happy with or able to achieve the outcome I wanted. I met with Dr Fiss and he was completely upfront and honest with me as to what needed to happen to achieve the best outcome in delivering a great smile. (I actually left his office armed with a thorough education for a treatment plan that he had given me on the spot. I even used that knowledge to shop around and consult with other cosmetic dentists.) The decision was easy…I concluded that his plan was the most honest, best planned, most cost competitive and most thorough out of any other cosmetic dentist that I visited. My case was not simple. Together we went through a plan that included some extractions, implants, crowns and veneers. My professional life never missed a beat through the work being done. I learned to be confident in Dr Fiss that while things were in various stages of reconstruction that I always left the office with a great smile. Dr Fiss is as much an artist as he is a dentist as many of his temporaries are fabricated by his own hands and I couldn’t have been happier.
The office and the staff are exceptional. They make you feel like family. This is the environment that Dr Fiss creates and his team is always engaged. This is a direct reflection of his character and the genuine love this man has for his craft.
The final product I was delivered was nothing less than amazing. I’d say the best investment I ever made was in my smile but I actually think the best investment I ever made was in Dr Fiss.
Kevin K (San Francisco)