Dental Pain Control & Anxiety

Dr. Fedin practices relaxation dentistry, which strives for pain and anxiety-free dental procedures for all patients.

1. Architecture of the Office
The office design and lighting is non-institutional, appearing more like an art gallery than a dental office. Rich colors and textures appear on the floors and walls. Soft, comfortable leather waiting room furniture convert most outer layers of apprehension into states of relaxation. Combine this with attentive and courteous staff members and the “waiting room” changes into a “welcome center.”

2. Audio and Video
Televisions are placed in every patient room for patient viewing. Many patients schedule during their favorite shows or sporting events. During very long appointments patients can bring in movies to watch. VCRs are available on all the TVs. Portable compact disc players are also available. We have a very large selection of CDs for your listening pleasure. Many patients choose to bring in their own. The patient’s ability to tune out the noise of drilling and tooth preparation allows them to relax thus enabling Dr. Fedin to complete their dental needs as quickly and painlessly as possible. Anxiety levels are drastically reduced when the sounds of dental work are obliterated.

3. Dental Education and Motivation
The use of photos, models and videos of procedures give a detailed account of the intended treatment. Educating and involving the patient in the treatment planning helps to provide a high level of confidence within the patient, as well as a low level of anxiety or apprehension of the unknown. By educating and motivating the patient, they become committed to the success of their case and the procedures go very smoothly. When patients view Dr. Fedin’s dramatic portfolio of before and after photos they usually want to start work immediately!

4. Analgesia
Nitrous is available requiring no eating or drinking for four (4) hours prior to use.