Porcelain Veneers in Chicago

A veneer is a thin porcelain covering placed over the facing of a tooth to enhance its color and shape. When veneers are placed on adjacent teeth, crowding and misalignment can be corrected or erased.

Because porcelain veneers are carefully sculpted and shaped, many people feel they have gone through instant orthodontics.

Porcelain veneers have a longevity of at least 10 to 15 years due to the strength of the porcelain and the extreme thinness of the cement. To achieve the best depth of color translucency and iridescence, the structure of the teeth to be veneered must be reduced both facially and in length approximately half a millimeter. Veneers should wrap around the chewing edge and go interproximally between teeth to create life-like translucency and contour.

If patients are interested in bleaching or tooth whitening, this should be achieved prior to veneering, as restorations will not whiten.

If you are interested in porcelain veneers with Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. Vladimir Fedin, contact us today. Dr. Fedin and his team have significant experience with cosmetic dentistry, and he has placed thousands of veneers in his 20+ year career.

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6 Porcelain Veneers, Zoom Whitening & ClearCorrect™
Pictures 1-8
Patient presented with multiple cosmetic discrepancies
1. Severely crowded dentition
2. Chipped, missing, and misshapen teeth
3. Total lack of symmetry: tooth #7 is undersized and peg shaped,  its mirror counterpart #10 is missing, and the larger eye tooth — #11 — has moved into its space.

Steps used to improve the patient’s smile:

1. Initial therapy consisted of a thorough cleaning and Zoom whitening.
2. The patient’s mouth was scanned….ClearCorrect™ clear aligner trays were fabricated and worn to correct the upper and lower anterior crowding.
3. Once the teeth were in an ideal position, 6 EMAX porcelain veneers were placed correcting the size, shape, color, and symmetry of the patient’s smile. The final dramatic result looks incredibly natural.

9 Porcelain Veneers, Zoom Whitening & CLEARCORRECT™

Picture #1 : Patient presented with chipped, worn, maligned teeth with severe chalky spots and a lack of symmetry. The top front 2 teeth were too long and improperly balanced with the adjacent teeth. The upper arch was collapsed, creating a narrow smile where the upper back teeth were not visible.

Picture #2 : The patient’s teeth were cleaned and whitened with Zoom. I created a treatment plan to place 9 porcelain EMAX restorations in the upper arch to correct the misalignment, chalky spots, collapsed arch, and symmetry. ClearCorrect™ fabricated clear aligner trays to correct the alignment in the lower arch.

Picture #3/4 : Demonstrate the 9 porcelain restorations in place in the upper arch… correcting not only the alignment but the color, symmetry, and collapsed arch. The upper front 2 teeth were shortened slightly and the adjacent teeth were created in ideal proportions creating a broader but natural smile. The crowding in the lower arch was corrected after 5 ClearCorrect™ trays.

6 Porcelain Veneers Along with Zoom Whitening

Pictures 1 and 2: Patient presented with existing veneers on her 4 front teeth. The pictures demonstrate that each tooth was a different color, size, and shape. The existing shape was very triangular and her teeth were flared out. The cuspids or eye teeth adjacent to the existing veneers were small and undersized creating an imbalance.

Pictures 3 and 4 : After a cleaning and Zoom whitening, I created a treatment plan to not only change the existing veneers but add veneers on the eye teeth as well. 6 veneers were placed changing the shape of the patients teeth to rectangular. In doing so, the color, size, and symmetry were corrected. I also eliminated the flaring or protrusion that existed, creating a beautiful natural result.

Patient presents with multiple cosmetic concerns:

Pictures 1-4 demonstrate
1. Lack of symmetry and tooth position on the 4 front teeth
2. All 4 front teeth are a different color…the dark gray tooth previously had root canal treatment.
3. Moderate to severe stain and build up from poor home care
4. Chipped and worn teeth from grinding

Pictures 5-8 demonstrate treatment provided
1. After a thorough cleaning and enamel reshaping …Zoom whitening was performed
2. Porcelain veneers were then placed on the patient’s 4 front teeth correcting shape, size, position, midline, symmetry and most of all color-creating an incredible natural result. As with all cases completed appliances were fabricated to prevent grinding.

Pre-op 4 pictures: Patient presented with moderate to severe wear and chemical erosion – the visible darkening of the 4 front teeth was caused by loss of enamel allowing the underlying darker “brown“ dentin to show through.

Post-op 4 pictures: After Zoom whitening and laser re-contouring of the gum tissue I was able to rebuild and restore the patient’s enamel on her front teeth using 4 porcelain veneers-duplicating surface anatomy, depth of color, iridescence, shape and contour …….creating a very natural lifelike result.

(1) Pictures 1-3: Patient presented with crowded, chipped, and worn dentition. The dark stripes are caused from tetracycline stains. Although his teeth and gums were healthy, the patient hated to smile.

(2) Pictures 4-6: To enhance the patients smile, 16 EMAX porcelain restorations were placed, blocking out the dark intrinsic discolorations, correcting the crowding and lack of symmetry, and creating a youthful and natural appearance.

Cosmetic Makeover: Veneers & Zoom Whitening

Photos 1-3: Patient presented with undersized 4 front teeth. The teeth had varied colors and the gums were swollen. Her teeth were thoroughly cleaned and an intense home care regimen was instituted.

Photos 4: The gum heights across these teeth are uneven making the teeth adjacent to the 2 front teeth look like baby teeth. To correct that the gum tissue on these teeth, they were trimmed creating a more even line left to right .

Photos 5-7: Once the tissue healed, the patient’s teeth were Zoom whitened. Her uneven lower teeth were reshaped to create smooth straight appearance. To finalize the cosmetic makeover, 4 veneers were placed on the front teeth, creating an amazing lifelike sparkly result.

16 Porcelain (EMAX) & Zoom

(1) Photos 1-3: Patient presented with spacing or diastema between her 2 front teeth, a narrow arch (lacked a broad smile), and crowded and misshapen lower anterior teeth. She wanted a whiter, broader, natural-looking smile.

(2) Photos 4-6: The patients teeth were cleaned and Zoom whitened.16 porcelain EMAX porcelain restorations were placed, closing the diastema, balancing the size and shape of all teeth, and creating symmetry. Her smile was broadened, lining up the upper and lower midlines. The final result is extremely natural “looking like she was born with those teeth.”


(1) Photos 1-3: The patient presented with a severely worn , stained and somewhat crooked smile. In addition he also had an “OPEN BITE.”  An open bite occurs when there is a space or gap between the upper and lower front teeth when closed.

(2) Photos 4-6: After a thorough cleaning was performed the patients’ lower front teeth were reshaped, giving a smooth less crowded appearance. Zoom whitening was performed bringing the shade up at least 5 shades. 4 veneers were placed on the top front teeth, blending not only color, shape and contour, but closing the “OPEN BITE” creating a youthful natural result.

Taking the Placement of Veneers to a Natural-Looking Art Form

A 57-year-old female. Attractive but worn dentition exhibiting vertical cracking, slight rotations, yellowing, incisal chipping and irregular wear from years of grinding.
Full mouth rehabilitation with EMAX porcelain restorations exhibiting a youthful correction to tooth position, shape, size and color. An increase in fullness was added to the porcelain restorations to improve lip support and broaden the smile. Although the whitest porcelain was used, incisal translucency was built into the porcelain creating an amazing depth of color and natural result. 10 years of aging wiped away in a matter of a few visits creating a youthful appearance.

Porcelain Veneers & ClearCorrect™

(1) Photos 1-4: Demonstrate several issues (1) lower arch crowding…teeth are all different heights (2) upper arch shows great differences in gum height tooth shape and contour creating a total lack of symmetry. The uneven color is caused by old fillings and root canal treatment.

(2) Photos 5-8: Show the improvement after 6 veneers were placed creating lifelike symmetry, color and tissue height. The lower arch was corrected simultaneously using ClearCorrect™ clear aligners.


Photo 1: Demonstrates this by the lack of visible teeth showing and deep facial wrinkles when smiling.

Photos 2 & 3: These pictures demonstrate severe wear from grinding-the translucency (grayish tones) were caused from chemical erosion (drinking pop, gastric reflux). When a worn dentition is present the 2 front incisors are shorter than the eye teeth or cuspids. The result of all this wear causes the patient to “over close“.

Photos 4, 5 & 6: These pictures demonstrate the result after porcelain restorations were placed only on the top-correcting the collapsed bite and thin gray teeth. The deep wrinkle lines have diminished -a beautiful broad and natural smile is the result. The worn smile is gone replaced with a more youthful one-creating a facelift effect without the surgery.

IPS Empress Porcelain Veneers

Discolored or chipped teeth are repaired with veneers. True-to-nature IPS Empress veneers are used for the cosmetic correction of teeth. Dr. Fedin can help you enhance your smile with IPS Empress porcelain veneers. Contact him today!

The above eight pictures outline start to finish the cosmetic rehabilitation of a severely worn and chemically eroded dentition.

After Zoom (teeth whitening) eight veneers were prepared and placed creating a very natural lifelike result.

The final post-op photo looks like he was born with that smile!

Today’s Chicago Woman “A Reason to Smile” (May 2011)

6 veneers were placed after zoom whitening restoring an ideal shape, size, color and tooth contour. Note how midline and tissue contour has been corrected.

Shown below is the process of which we arrived for this final result

Photo 1: Patient presented upset about her smile. It was clear that the midline was off, the gum tissue was misaligned and each tooth was a different size, shape, and color.

Photo 2: I used this photo to demonstrate to the patient and lab how improvements were to be made. Tooth sizes, shapes and proportion were selected presenting desired result.

Photo 3: Temporaries were placed after the teeth were prepared for the veneers, correcting many of the issues the patient initially presented with.

Photo 4: Photo taken immediately after the 6 Veneers were placed. The ideal shape, size, color, and contour have been achieved. Note how the midline and tissue contour have improved.

Photos 5 & 6: Two additional veneers were placed (upper left & right) to broaden the smile. Making a total of 10 veneers for this wonderful smile. 

Patient presented with dark and irregular shaped teeth adjacent to the front teeth. After Zoom bleaching 2 veneers were placed creating an ideal result.

Patient presented with dark and irregular shaped teeth adjacent to the front teeth. After Zoom bleaching 2 veneers were placed creating an ideal result.

Patient presented with 4 completely asymmetric front teeth. After Zoom bleaching 4 veneers were placed at the correct longer length creating a beautiful symmetric smile.

Note the translucent incisal edge.

This amazing makeover involved placing 20 veneers, creating life-changing results.

6 Veneers placed to close open bite, creating a perfect ideal smile.

20 Veneers placed creating a youthful smile. Improving color, shape, and contour of teeth.

Bleaching and 8 veneers completely changed this patients smile with natural-looking results.

Bleaching and 2 veneers created a subtle, natural result far better than the previous existing bonding. Correcting the length and midline.

An older patient presented with severally eroded and cracked teeth. Bleaching and 4 veneers created a natural result.

Six veneers were placed creating a perfect life changing smile.

Two veneers were placed creating an ideal smile.

Eight veneers changed this persons smile in two visits from an old looking severely worn dentition to a youthful one.

This case involved a complete dental reconstruction including the placement of 20 veneers. The veneers’ color and shape look remarkably natural.

The picture on the left demonstrates the Crowded incisors with white spots. Note the picture on the right shows an aesthetically pleasing alternative:

IPS Empress veneers.

Here is a recent before and after photo of a case involving the placement of 20 porcelain veneers over a period of 4 weeks.

Here is a recent before and after photo of a case involving the placement of 20 porcelain veneers over a period of 4 weeks.

An amazing makeover with the placement of only three veneers and cosmetic enamel recontouring – note how exact the custom staining is creating lifelike results.

Before: The front four incisors are severely cracked and filled with bonding.

After: Four beautiful -very natural looking veneers were placed-with the right amount of incisal transluceny.

Ten veneers placed only on the top teeth in the smile zone (1) the midline was corrected (2) the posterior teeth were built out with porcelain creating a wider smile (3) the veneers improved the lip contour taking years off facial lines (4) the front teeth were made slightly longer with natural incisal translucency for a youthful smile.

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