Case Study: Patient #1

  1. This patient presented with crowded, chipped, and worn dentition (Images 1-3). The dark stripes were caused by tetracycline stains. Although this patient’s teeth and gums were healthy, he hated to smile.
  2. Pictures 4-6 show the patient’s enhanced smile following his smile makeover. 16 Emax porcelain restorations were placed, blocking out the dark intrinsic discolorations. These full coverage veneers  corrected the crowding and asymmetry, creating a more youthful and natural appearance.

Case Study: Patient #2

  1. A 57-year-old woman presented with attractive but worn dentition exhibiting vertical cracking, slight rotations, yellowing, incisal chipping, and irregular wear from years of grinding (Images 1-3).
  2. After porcelain restorations, the patent experienced full mouth rehabilitation with Emax full coverage porcelain veneers. The restoration exhibited correction to tooth position and improved the size, shape, and color of the teeth. The porcelain restorations also added an increase in fullness to improve lip support and broaden the smile.

Although the whitest porcelain was used, incisal translucency was built into the porcelain, creating an amazing depth of color and natural result. 10 years of aging was wiped away in a few visits, restoring a more youthful appearance.

Case Study: Patient #3

  1. This patient presented with a severely worn, collapsed, and decayed dentition (Images 1-3). Years of grinding and inadequate dental care caused the patient’s teeth to lose vertical dimension, making him look much older. You can also see that his teeth and gum height were severely angled, sloping from right to left.
  2. During this smile makeover, 21 Emax full coverage porcelain veneers were placed (over several visits). This corrected the vertical dimension and reversed both the sloping gum height and tooth alignment, restoring the midline. The final result demonstrates healthy gums and a youthful, natural smile.

Case Study: Patient #4

  1. This patient present with a crowded and severely worn dentition (Images 1-3). Previous attempts to correct existing spaces with bonding has failed over time, emphasizing a lack of symmetry. Prior to treatment, this patient never smiled.
  2. Over four treatments, 20 Emax porcelain restorations were placed to close the spaces and create symmetry (Images 4-6). The tooth size, contour, and crowding were also corrected. These changes  improved cosmetics and greatly improved the health and position of her gums. The final result lined up the midline, creating a youthful, natural result.

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