porcelain-crownsA crown is a full coverage restoration that is placed on a tooth to restore cosmetics and function. It is needed when severe breakdown due to fracture or decay in excess of two-thirds of the tooth is present. Crowns are also used to restore teeth that have previously had root canal or endodontic treatment. Years ago, dental crowns were only made of gold, providing strength but very poor cosmetics.

Today, there is a wide selection of materials to choose from. The factors, which affect material selection, are the tooth location and forces of occlusion or the force of chewing the crown is to endure. Most cosmetic crowns are made from pressable ceramics. No metal is used, therefore, making this ideal for front teeth. Patients will no longer see gray or black lines at the gum line. Without metal, the natural translucency and light reflection of the porcelain create a life-like, beautiful smile. In the posterior areas of the mouth or in patients who exhibit problems with their bite or occlusion, there are several variations of porcelain fused to gold crowns. These are beautiful restorations needed for strength in areas where translucency is not an important factor.

Porcelain crowns last an average of ten to 15 years, through constant home care and maintenance of the patient.

Before & After Images

Pictures 1-3 The patient presented with a severely worn, collapsed, and decayed dentition. Years of grinding and poor dental care caused the patients teeth to over close or loose vertical dimension, making him look much older than his actual age. You can also see that both his teeth and gum height was severely angled or sloping from right to left.

Pictures 4-6 Over several visits, 21 -EMAX porcelain crowns were placed to correct the vertical dimension. We were also able to reverse both the sloping gum height and tooth alignment, restoring the midline. The final result demonstrates healthy gums and a youthful, natural smile.

Pictures 1-4
This patient presented with 3 major issues affecting his smile:
(1) Severe chemical erosion caused by frequently sucking on lemons which almost completely removed the enamel of his 8 front teeth, making them look brown.
(2) The existing cosmetics were made worse by the patient’s tooth and jaw position in the front of his mouth, creating an edge-to-edge bite (usually the top teeth sit in front of the lower teeth).
(3) The patient had poor home care, which allowed a lot of stain and calculus to buildup.

Pictures 5-8
Initially, we thoroughly cleaned and Zoom! whitened his teeth, spending a lot of time educating the patient regarding proper methods of brushing and flossing.

I prepared and completed 8 EMAX all porcelain crowns ( full coverage veneers)von the 4 front top and bottom teeth, correcting shapes, position ,contour, and color, dramatically improving the patient’s smile and occlusion.

Patient presented with poor-fitting anterior porcelain to metal crowns (note the black at the gum line ) and severe cracked and malpositioned lower-anterior teeth. The patient’s teeth were whitened using Zoom! bleaching-porcelain crowns were placed in both areas, creating an ideal natural result.

Patient presented with 2 unattractive porcelain-to-metal crowns. Note how irritated the gum is around them. Post-op photos show a completely natural result with 2 porcelain crowns. Note how the gum has healed completely.

20 all-porcelain crowns replaced old and unsightly porcelain-to-metal crowns

Single tooth implant replacement. From the start, the patient showed a decayed (gray) tooth to its removal and placement of a custom temporary. Once the implant was placed and healed, a custom zirconia (tooth colored) abutment was screwed down to the implant. A very translucent and natural all-porcelain crown was cemented creating a lifelike result


When patients are missing one or more teeth and the placement of dental implants has been ruled out or postponed, teeth can be replaced using different forms of prosthetic dentistry.

Partials and dentures are removable appliances replacing some or all teeth. They are made of acrylic or combinations of metal with acrylic. Wearing something removable can compromise speech, cosmetics, and eating certain foods. With adjustments and some time to acclimate, patient acceptance is usually very good.

A more permanent solution is fixed bridgework. A bridge consists of at least two natural teeth which have been reduced to accept a crown. These two crowns are connected by the pontic or missing tooth. Bridges can be various lengths depending on the number of natural teeth supporting it. A bridge resembles natural teeth in cosmetics and function, but because they are all connected, flossing and home care for the patient may be difficult. Patients with prosthetic dentistry should visit for regular cleanings three to four times a year to prevent failure.

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to restore your ability to smile, speak and eat with comfort and confidence, then dental implants may be right for you.

Perhaps your dentures don’t fit as securely or comfortably as they once did. Perhaps you hide your smile because of spaces from missing teeth. Or, perhaps you have loose teeth that need to be stabilized after treatment of advanced gum disease.

Perhaps you have crowding and/or misalignment of your teeth and don’t want to deal with the time and cost involved with orthodontics. Porcelain veneers provide a fast and easy way to a beautiful smile.

If any of these situations keep you from feeling good about yourself and your smile, dental implants may be a solution for you. Technological advancements in dental materials and techniques have improved the success rate of implants, enabling many patients to enjoy comfort and confidence in their oral health.

Before & After Images

Two three unit bridges were replaced from porcelain to metal (dark at the gumline to all porcelain bridges) giving the patient a youthful smile.

If you’re interested in this procedure, please contact us to book an appointment. We are also happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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