Evidence of your tremendous work!

Julie G.


0The Best For Making a beautiful smile! As a Breast Cancer Lady going through My Chemo Treatment, I Needed A great Dentist that helped with making me New Teeth. Dr. Fiss also informed me that Regular Dental Cleanings are a must. Dr Fiss office with Jodi helped with providing me with The best Toothpaste and other Items that help with keeping my Smile Perfect, and yes I forget a lot with Chemo, and somehow they help keep track of a schedule for me. As a patient going through treatment I was cold and they provided a blanket for me, also when I was sad, during my visits they knew, and just talking, having music with a head set , yes I was asked what music do I like and they found something to Relax Me. Dr. Fiss is an Artist not just a Dentist, Anyone can make Teeth, but Now Mrs. Indiana America 2013 has The Best Smile!!!!! To a great Team, yes I travel to my appt. but worth the Time!!!!!!

Sandra Z.

testimonial Couple Dr. Fiss! I got my engagement photos back today and I wanted to tell you I am SO happy with how my smile looks!!! I am so appreciative of you!


testimonial-2For as long as I can remember, I’ve been self-conscience about my teeth. I was often teased, and ostracized for the large gaps between my teeth and my exaggerated gumminess. So, I developed a habit of not smiling much, because it was easier to be perceived as mean than ugly. As a result, I spent the better part of my life, hiding in plain sight; working hard not to bring attention to myself. I would often hear things like, ‘she would be pretty, if it weren’t for her teeth” or “her teeth make her ugly”. and unfortunately I bought into it wholeheartedly. As I grew older, I realized that being viewed as a “mean girl” who NEVER smiled made for a lonely life but It really wasn’t who I was on the inside but I didn’t know what to do about it. After a battle with the “Big C”, I decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue my passion of acting but even as I excelled in the business my insecurities about my smile held me back. I started researching dentist and found Dr. Fiss. I was scared out of my mind about everything, but after 10 minutes with this brilliant man, I was even more terrified that I couldn’t get in soon enough. Dr. Fiss is hands down, bar none the best dentist I have ever met. He’s the total package; smart, knowledgeable, funny, honest, compassionate, and attentive and he clearly loves what he does. He is a perfectionist and the results of your smile prove his dedication to his craft and his patients. Once you’re in his hands, you become part of his family. From the time you walk in to his beautiful facility, you are greeted by Jodi (his wife and the Office Manager) and his entire staff with a smile and you just know that Dr. Fiss hand picks each staffer personally, as they are all wonderful and function as a well-oiled, finely tuned machine who obviously understand that each of them plays a vital role in the success of each case. As the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for” but I truly believe I came out on top of this deal. Now, for the first time in my life I can smile with confidence. My teeth have changed the way others view me, but more importantly how I view myself. I am happy from the inside out and now I can show it. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t say how beautiful my smile is and I owe it all to Dr. Fiss. I will forever be grateful.

Gabrielle L.

I went to Dr. Fiss in 2013 and it was a complicated case with the front teeth from bone loss. He is an absolute artist. I continue to get compliments on a monthly basis to this day. If you want the very best “He’s the Man”.
His staff is excellent and Jody is great. I live in DC now and I won’t let anyone touch my mouth but Dr. Fiss and Dr. Manos whom he worked very closely with to deliver an outstanding smile.
FYI I am super critical and he exceeded my expectations.


Every time I walk into Dr. Fiss’s office, I always feel special. I have been a loyal patient of his for many years and could never imagine going to see anyone else. His office is located in the heart of the Gold Coast making it very accessible. He, along with his wonderful staff, always go above and beyond to make my experience wonderful.

Anthony L.
Chicago, IL

You don’t generally think about checking your doctor’s or dentist’s yelp score when you have been pleased with the level of service. I was surprised to see that this office only had a 3 star average. Take yelp reviews with a grain of salt. That being said, I have been going to Dr. Fiss for years and have never once had a bad experience or had any issues with insurance. I’m sure people in pain can get pretty angry and frustrated, taking it out on yelp, but please don’t let a few unhappy patients deter you. He is very professional and FRIENDLY. The location is right around the corner from Water Tower Place so I usually plan on doing a little window shopping and people watching on Saturday afternoons after my visit.

Jerry J.
Chicago, IL

Dr. Fiss is a first rate dentist and a gentleman. If I ever move from Chicago, I would return here for dental care as long as he is practicing.

David H.
Chicago, IL

I really like Dr. Fiss’s office! The hygienists are super nice, Dr. Fiss is great and their office is super nice and clean. They have flat screens in all their rooms and it is really conveniently located downtown on N Michigan Ave. I have recommended this to many of my co-workers and everyone has been happy.

Natalie M.
Chicago, IL

I was very impressed with Dr. Fiss and his dental office and staff.

It was easy to make an appointment and the receptionist who answered the phone was very sweet. They offered to send me an email to remind me about my appointment (to save me a phone call), which I thought was a nice touch.

The office is clean and beautiful. When I arrived for my appointment, I was a few minutes early and they took me early.

My dental hygienist (Traci) was wonderful. She did a great job cleaning my teeth and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. There are TV screens in the exam room and I assume you could watch a TV program if you wanted to (based on other reviews) although I didn’t. She did try to talk me into letting them use a $35 oral cancer screening tool they have (although I passed–I’m 26 and have no risk factors for oral cancer. I think that time might have been better spent if she had talked to me about not smoking!).

Dr. Fiss is great. He was very reassuring and I fully trusted him after just a few minutes (and I’m hard to please when it comes to dentists!). This was my first visit with him and I had tried to have X-rays sent from a previous dentist (unsuccessfully). Dr. Fiss personally followed up on making sure these X-rays got sent and he even personally called me to tell me he had reviewed them (which didn’t cost anything–for the previous Yelper’s review).

I’ll definitely be going back to see Dr. Fiss for my next dental cleaning!!

Shelby K.
Chicago, IL

I have no reservations in recommending Dr Fiss. He is always plesant to me and he and his staff have been very accomadating when I overslept and missed my appointment…got me right in. I recently went through the process of getting fitted for a replacment crown, yes it took a couple of appointments, but it was painfree and looks great. If you are nervous about going to the dentists in general, I would suggest you tell them that right off the bat, they are good people and will help you with your anxiety.

Dennis L.
Chicago, IL

I’m so glad to have found Dr. Fiss. Unlike other dentists I’ve been to, he doesn’t try to “overtreat” you and instead focuses on what your specific needs are. I’ve been thinking for years about getting porcelain veneers, but at more than $1,000 a tooth it’s been a bit cost-prohibitive. And the last two dentists I’ve been to recommended getting at least eight teeth done (I think one said I needed to get braces [again!] first). Dr. FIss suggested I just do four upper teeth, which I did, and I am beyond pleased with the results. He is a perfectionist and worked very hard to ensure the veneers were natural looking. I even received a compliment on my teeth from a stranger! Before starting the work, he also went over a treatment plan with me to make sure I was okay with the process (the veneers took just two visits) and the price, as my insurance did not cover. I also appreciated the fact his staff called me the next day to make sure I was doing all right following the treatment.

For my regular checkups at Dr. Fiss’s office, I never have to hang out in the waiting room for hours on end, and have not had trouble getting appointments at the times that were convenient for me (he even has Saturday appointments).

Alma D.
Chicago, IL

I have been a patient of Dr. Fiss for about 10 years. He has handled my routine adult care as well as a few wear-and-tear repairs along the way. The few times I have needed emergency care, I’ve been able to get in quickly, yet he still seems to stay on time for people with regularly scheduled appointments. Although he is out of network for my insurance, I have always had coverage at the level of in-network because his fees are with the boundaries of “usual and customary.”

My children have always seen a neighborhood dentist and we’ve been satisfied there as well. However when my teenage daughter got her braces off, and we agreed to have a cosmetic fix to some misshapen teeth (my husband’s genes, by the way), I felt more comfortable taking her to Dr. Fiss. In a rare moment of parental caving to teenage vanity, I also agreed to including zoom whitening in her treatment, and she had that today with admirable results. Before considering any cosmetic work, Dr. Fiss reviewed prior dental records and insisted on an up-to-date cleaning.

When another teenage daughter found out that her sister was getting zoom, she launched a “what about me?” campaign and we caved. So she went to Dr. Fiss for a cleaning and exam. When I asked her how the appointment went, she launched into a description of her gums and everything she needed to do to get them healthy enough for zoom. She also asked if Dr. Fiss “could like, be, like, my regular dentist all the time?” No greater praise has passed those lips in years!

She is certain that this was the most thorough exam and expert cleaning she has ever had. And she said the people at the office were the nicest people she’s ever met.

Do 17-year-olds really talk about dentists that way?

Eileen R.
Chicago, IL

Dr. Fiss will take excellent care of you. I first found him for routine cleanings and as we established rapport, I decided I wanted to improve my smile; I consulted with him for veneers. He’s a perfectionist and is very passionate about delivering the highest quality results. He’s from NY and he’s serious about his practice, so don’t let that culture intimidate you because I assure you he wants only the very best for his patients. You get what you pay for and while he’s in the heart of the Gold Coast and the cost of doing business is more expensive downtown, he’s competitive with the suburb/small town dentists and most importantly he’s innovative and absolutely worth the cost. The office is more like a spa, the care is like what you’d receive from your own mother and the results are top notch. Don’t think twice, go see Dr. Fiss and his splendid receptionist/wife, Jodi Fiss – they are a dynamic team and you’ll be pleased with the care you receive.

Erin W.
Chicago, IL

I love this office I have been a patient since the Eighties. Very friendly staff and that is everybody the Dentist as well as the hygienists and the reception staff. They will always fit you in if you are having an emergency. They use the latest technology and have TV or music in every room.

Always a conservative practice they have NEVER pushed any service or product on me.

Might cost more than some other dentists but I think the service is worth it.

They are your teeth and they are supposed to last a lifetime and I believe this is the place to make that happen.

Manon K.
Evanston, IL

If you are looking for a dentist that actually enjoys what they do, cares about you as a human being, and knows how to communicate, see Dr. Fiss.

In the course of a year, I’ve had oral implants, Invisalign Braces, Zoom whitening, and porcelain veneers. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I first met with Dr. Fiss early in 2012 regarding oral implants. I’m congenitally missing two of my upper teeth and I had been wearing a faulty bridge for many years. Oral implants are not cheap (even if you have insurance) so I was naturally worried about selecting a good dentist. In fact, prior to meeting with Fiss, I had at least 4 consultations with other dentists and oral surgeons.

I chose Fiss because from day one he communicated with me with honesty and clarity. He never promised anything he could not do nor did he get frustrated when I asked questions. I was also impressed by his incisiveness and the creativity he brings into his work.

One of the things I appreciated most about Dr. Fiss, is how he teamed up with other specialist from around the city to provide me with the best care. Unlike some dentist I’ve seen in the past, he doesn’t try to do everything in his office. (I was especially pleased with the oral surgeon he referred me to: Dr. Gargiulo at Park Dental Specialist.)

One thing I’ve learned through this whole process is that it is extremely important to find a dentist that communicates effectively with the oral surgeon and any other specialists he or she may be working with. It is also important to find someone that genuinely cares about the final results. Fiss didn’t see me as just another appointment or procedure. He saw me as a human being who was incredibly insecure about my smile.

Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive and time consuming. It is important to find someone you can trust. I never had to doubt whether or not I was in good hands or whether or not I made the right choice. It is clear that Dr. Fiss and his team care about what they do. I cannot recommend them enough.

Chicago, IL

After having a bad experience with my old dentist Dr. Ben Fiss and his wonderful staff made me feel right at home. He was always concerned with how I was doing. He even called me on a Saturday just to see how I was doing! Top notch all of the way!! I never liked going to the dentist until I was under the meticulous care of Dr. Ben Fiss

Jeff K.
Mundelein, IL

I am not an individual that cares for the dentist at all, however at Dr. Fiss’s I have found a place where not only am I comfortable, but I enjoy coming to get my teeth cleaned. The entire staff is extremely friendly, starting the minute you walk in everyone makes you feel at home. Dr. Fiss is always timely and courteous making my experience while there always pleasant. I can honestly say I do not feel I have ever received better care and my teeth have never felt better!

Plainfield, IL


Disclaimer: this is a long post-but for good reason.

If you’re in the market for high-quality dentistry delivered by high-quality professionals, read this post in its entirety. If you can’t be bothered to, know this: Dr. Benjamin Fiss and his staff are second to none, and I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone – especially those looking for veneers.

Much to others’ chagrin, I’ve never had an issue with confidence; however, I was never thrilled with my smile. In fact, I used to be really self-conscious about my teeth; but it wasn’t until graduating college and making the move to Chicago that I decided to do something about it.

Veneers are two things: expensive and permanent. That being said, I did copious amounts of research before deciding on a provider. My research led me to Dr. Fiss and his team, and my hope is that this post leads you in the same direction, too.

I went in for my initial consultation and spoke with Dr. Fiss about shape, size, color, and contour – the first of many conversations. After confirming that I did in fact want to move forward with 8 porcelain veneers on my top teeth, I explained to Jodi – Dr. Fiss’ wife (and, most importantly, the life of the office!) – that I traveled four days a week for work and was away every other weekend. I also said that I’d love to have a new smile before going back home for Christmas. Without skipping a beat, Jodi pulled open the calendar and booked me for not one, but two appointments – the prep appointment and the procedure with temporary veneers – scheduled to take place the next morning.

I’ m an absolute baby when it comes to the dentist, but the procedure itself wasn’t that bad. After a few hours, my temps were on and my molds had been shipped to the lab so they could start creating the real, porcelain veneers. I Dr. Fiss’ words, the temporary veneers were “better than the original but not nearly as good as the real deal.” The temps are handmade; made out of composite rather than porcelain; and a singular mold rather than individual teeth. I had a solid two weeks to figure out what I liked and didn’t like about them. I would email/text Dr. Fiss and Jodi every time something came to mind, and they would submit my feedback to the lab so they could make adjustments on their end.

Two weeks later, I arrived in Dr. Fiss’ office for the final leg of the procedure: removing the temps and putting in the real veneers – which, relative to the temps, were porcelain, not composite; made with lasers, not by hand; and constructed as individual teeth rather than as a singular mold. After a few more hours of work, I looked in the mirror and smiled with complete confidence for the first time in my life.

Looking back on the entire experience – from start to finish – I can say with complete certainty that my research did not lead me astray. I’m the most confident version of myself, and I have Dr. Fiss, Jodi, and their team to thank for that.

Kevin H.
Chicago, IL

IMG_1157Dr. Fiss was after me for years to fix a chip on my front tooth. I didn’t think the chip was huge. I thought it was barley noticeable and it really didn’t bother me. However, I was noticing that when I spoke directly to people, I would wonder if they could see the chip. I was also getting into the habit of discreetly covering the chip with my tongue whenever I smiled. I guess the chip was bothering me.

After more than 5 years and the chip becoming bigger over time, I finally decided to get veneers. I have to admit at first I wasn’t sure if I liked them. My smile was different. I looked different. My teeth were almost too perfect and I was starting to miss my old teeth. I asked Dr. Fiss to file the veneers a little and make them uneven. He understood; however, since I only had the veneers for 2 months, he wanted me wait a while and see how I felt. I reluctantly agreed.

Seven months later I see my teeth close up in a Halloween photo. I was stunned! They look gorgeous! My smile is amazing! After seeing the photo, I was happy that I had the veneers done and am extremely happy with the results.

Dr. Fiss and his staff are like dancers in a ballet. The masterful choreography of this practice is so impressive as Dr. Fiss seamlessly glides to every patient; moments of your precious time are not wasted and every aspect of your care is well researched before you arrive and attended to while you’re there. From reception to discharge, Dr. Fiss and his professional staff guided me through every level including a mixed bag of emotions that I did not anticipate. The office is immaculate and everyone is friendly, helpful, focused on education, best practice and outcomes. Dr. Fiss will call you at home and you will soon become family in this unique and amazing dental practice. I am a fan for life!


So I recently decided to get veneers as my teeth were very small and worn. I was nervous as all hell and had a million questions. Dr. Fiss and his staff were so patient with me and never made me feel pressured. They actually told me to take my time with my decision and they were around if I had any questions. I decided to go forward with the veneers and had nightmares about it for weeks. I got my temporaries on yesterday and I almost cried I was so thrilled. I know the actual veneers will be better which is hard to believe because the temporaries have changed my face. I am so thankful for Dr. Fiss and his staff (Uli is awesome and extremely friendly) as they have changed my appearance for the better (and it will only get better with the real veneers). I would highly recommend Dr. Fiss for all of your dental/cosmetic dental needs. He and his staff truly are the best!


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Fiss’ for nearly 10 years and couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service his office has provided. He, the hygienists, and especially his office manager, Jodi are all friendly, caring, and professional. The office itself is well-located on Michigan Ave and their Saturday appointments make it easy for professionals who work in the loop to make visits. I love coming here and continue to refer all of my friends here.


This is a family run business, and it shows. Everyone from Dr. Fiss and Jodi to all of his colleagues and assistants lend a very personal and caring touch to their work. The attention that I received recently in having some crowns installed was humbling. They worked with me to arrange services with third-party specialists, and went above and beyond to schedule necessary appointments in a way that fit in with my life. Aside from doing fantastic work in as painless a fashion as is possible, the people in Dr. Fiss’s office are patient and kind. A relationship with this practice takes all of the stress out of receiving dental care.

David D.
Chicago, IL

Dr. Fiss is one of the best doctors I have found here in Chicago. His entire staff is professional and friendly! I would recommend Dr. Fiss to absolutely anyone looking for a wonderful dentist downtown!

Gretchen H.
Chicago, IL

Dr. Fiss has been my dentist for 20 years. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has helped me through restorative crowns, root canals, tooth grinding and most recently, dental veneers. In each and every experience he has patiently explained the situation, my options, and I have received beautiful results. His staff always takes the time to navigate insurance and payment options. I have also had a few dental emergencies, and the care that Dr. Fiss has taken to get me quick treatment, alleviate my anxiety and pain has been amazing. I feel he truly cares about me.

I have a beautiful smile despite all my dental problems, because of Dr. Fiss. His office is beautiful and no effort has been spared to make it a comfortable, state of the art experience. One last thing, I lived out on the east coast for 5 years, and during that time I used to travel back to Chicago, because I felt he would give me the best care.

Jeannemarie S.
Evanston, IL

Dr. Fiss has been my general dentist for my entire adult life. I highly recommend him. His office is comfortable from the moment you sit down in the waiting room on large leather couches, listening to the waterfall and continues in the dental chair where you can watch tv while they go to work on you. Everyone is extremely nice and professional. His decades of experience are a testament to his abilities.

Christopher L.
Chicago, IL

Dr. Fiss is the best! I have been going there for over 10 years and each visit is even better than the last. The staff is very friendly, its a beautiful office, and the service is top notch. (You can even watch TV while getting your teeth cleaned!)

I tell anyone and everyone that is looking for a good dentist to give him a try.

Ryan S.
Chicago, IL

I am so grateful for having found Dr. Fiss and his staff.

I found myself needing extensive dental treatment last year. After finding one dentist who I felt had just seen dollar signs when I walked through the door, I was referred to Dr. Fiss. Dr. Fiss was thorough and clear in his treatment plan. He told me what needed attention right away, and what he would keep an eye on. I have spent quite a few hours in his chair now, and I can tell you he truly cares about his patients. Even when I developed a problem with a crown that was no fault of his work, Dr. Fiss told me to come in right away and repaired the issue at no charge.

The hygienists are also excellent at what they do. They take time to explain what they are doing and complete their work with care.

And that mouth guard Dr. Fiss recommends people roll their eyes about? It really has made all the difference in my sleep pattern, and even symptoms I was experiencing in my right ear.

If you are looking for a dentist who you can count on year after year, you should turn to Dr. Fiss.

Allen J.
Chicago, IL

Dr. Fiss and his team of associates are amazing. I had the type of smile I thought would never be fixed and Dr. Fiss has been able to give me more than I have ever hoped for in my smile. Every person in his team, including himself are kind and supportive. I would recommend him and his office to anyone; even people who have a fear of dentists because of their patience and kindness towards the patients. Dr. Fiss is beyond a five star he is a ten star, in my book.

Christina K.
Fairbury, IL

Having heard the horror stories about people getting dental implants, I searched for a dentist who was professional, good and caring. I found Dr. Fiss’s ad in TCW magazine. I had been to other dentists but I was not comfortable enough with them to allow them to perform the work I needed. Also being in the medical field myself, I did not want the embarrassment of my patients seeing me with missing teeth or the so call “flippers”.

The moment I stepped into the office, I knew this was the place for me. Extremely clean with a bright modern atmosphere. To meet someone in today’s market who still cares and takes pride in his work is rare! I guess I should thank whoever left that magazine on the break room table at work, because my life changed from that moment on. His office handled everything for me from the insurance company to the appointments at the periodontist, including getting dental records from my old dentist. From the beginning to the end Dr. Fiss and his staff were there for me.

When I would go to the periodontist office they would make sure everything was perfect because they knew Dr. Fiss would call if there was anything wrong. I would always have to tell the nurse that these are my temporary teeth not my permanent implants. That’s how nice my temporary teeth were. One nurse told me “Oh, I forgot you’re Dr. Fiss’s patient and he’s one of the few dentist who still care about how his patients temporaries look”

It’s nice when people tell you that you have a beautiful smile from the beginning of your dental work through the end of your dental work.. Now that’s amazing to me!!!

I thank you with all my heart and please never change from being the caring, meticulous person you are!!!

C. Lee

My smile was always something that was a problem for me; I hated the fact that my front teeth never matched the shade or shape of the others. I lived with that smile for 7 years never knowing that there was something else that can be done to correct it. Once I step into Dr. Fiss’s office not only did he inform me that he can make my smile better but he was excited at the same time. He told me the steps that would be needed to be taken and he even said when I left his office “Boy what a smile you’re going to have once the finishing product is done” which really raised my hopes.

After all the trips to Dr. Fiss’s office, the last was the most exciting it was finally the day where I was going to see my new smile. Finally, once I looked into the mirror I knew that Dr. Fiss didn’t raise my hopes for nothing because I even thought to myself “What a smile!.” Now I smile with confidence, no more training myself on how to hide my teeth or second guessing how my teeth look in photos. It was all thanks to Dr. Fiss and with his help and expertise I can truly smile and enjoy my smile. Thanks Dr. Fiss! You have changed my life!!!

Giovanni Santiago

Dr. Benjamin Fiss did a spectacular job in giving me porcelain veneers on my six front teeth. Throughout the process, he provided thorough education each step of the way while paying very close attention to what was important to me. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in the Chicago area, or anywhere for that matter, who is considering cosmetic dentistry. It was an extremely rewarding experience to be treated by him and I look forward to many more years of him providing me with exceptional care.

A. Gagnon
Chicago, Illinois

After interviewing several dentists, I’m so glad I found Dr. Fiss. He is 100% class and competence. The whole experience was pleasant from start to finish. I love my teeth!

L. Cole
Chicago, Illinois

I was referred by a friend to Dr. Fiss when I needed to repair veneers and bonding that were poorly done by another dentist. As I live in Europe I only had less than one week to complete the work. I fully expected Dr. Fiss to tell me that the time frame was impossible. However, he told me the opposite. Dr. Fiss moved mountains in order to get my work done in the time frame I needed. It was as though I had been his patient for thirty years, when in fact I had just one consultation appointment. The work was incredible. He is not only extremely talented and professional, but one of the most caring Doctors I have ever worked with. I felt like I was his only patient and his top priority. And the results are truly amazing.

T. Geller
London, England

Thanks for helping me overcome my fear. You truly are the best!!

A. Faber
Chicago, IL & Paris, France

I am from the Chicago area, but live in Africa working in a humanitarian aid agency. I had been referred to Dr. Fiss through my periodontist. I contacted him while overseas to discuss the condition of my teeth and appointments. I made the trip back from Sudan specifically to see Dr. Fiss and had a very limited time in which to have my teeth fixed. Dr. Fiss organized his schedule to fit mine, finished my teeth and I now have a perfect smile. Dr. Fiss is an artist as well as a dentist.

A. Kimbro
Southern Sudan/Uganda, Africa

My accident was physically—and emotionally—traumatic. Dr. Fiss got me in the next day and began my treatment. He understood how important my appearance was both professionally and personally. Throughout the stages of getting my implants and crowns, it was unnoticeable that anything had happened. The staff in Dr. Fiss’s office have been spectacular at accommodating me for appointments due to my hectic travel schedule and great in working with me on payment and processing my insurance claim. Overall, I continue to be extremely impressed with the level of customer service and professionalism from Dr. Fiss and his staff, and I am incredibly happy with the outcome of my treatment. Thanks to Dr. Fiss and his staff, a truly horribly experience turned out beautifully in the end! Thanks again.

R. Siemers
Chicago, IL

I have been to many dentists in my 43 years of life, but none compare to Dr. Benjamin Fiss. I had entrusted other dentist with the care of my teeth, but was not please with the results. I was in need of front dental work and was not going to let just anyone complete this important task. After consulting with Dr. Fiss and expressing my concerns and fears, he assured me all would be well. Well is an understatement, Dr. Fiss is more than a dentist – he is a tooth angel, the gift that has been given to him by God to restore smiles is phenomenal. His talents, gifts and professional manner are not something that was taught, but is natural. I recommend Dr. Fiss to everyone I know. If they mention dental work, I say Dr. Fiss with a smile, I am walking advertisement for him, and I do it with pride.

V. Cheairs
Chicago, IL