What Are the Cosmetic Benefits of Metal-Free Fillings?

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It is common knowledge that metal dental fillings detract from the natural beauty of your smile. Metal fillings are visible and highlight the fact that work has been done.

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Fortunately, gone are the days when amalgam fillings with noticeable dark marks on the teeth were the only option patients had when seeking dental treatment. Today, more cosmetic dentists are using metal-free fillings as the go-to solution to deliver natural-looking dental restorations with added functionality, improved safety and health, and versatility.

What to Expect With Metal-Free Fillings

A More Natural Tooth Appearance

With metal-free restorations such as the use of IPS Empress fillings, you will enjoy the benefits of a more natural appearance. Metal-free fillings are made from resin composite or ceramic material with a color that closely resembles natural teeth, meaning they are virtually impossible to detect in a patient’s mouth.

Your metal-free filling will be in a shade that closely matches the color of your existing teeth, so no one will know that you have them. You no longer have to deal with the constant worry of showing your unsightly metal fillings when you let out a big laugh or smile widely.

Additionally, traditional metal crowns and fillings wear and age in an unsightly manner. This makes metal-free fillings an excellent choice for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance in the long term, as they do not discolor the surrounding tooth area (as can be seen with amalgam fillings).

Many patients are actively choosing to have their metal fillings removed and replaced with metal-free fillings to improve the appearance of their teeth and their oral health. Metal-free fillings can be offered as inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, and bridges.

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The Durability of Metal-Free Restorations

In addition to mimicking the natural appearance of your teeth, another major draw to metal-free fillings is they are long lasting and will improve your teeth for years or decades to come. The IPS Empress all-ceramic is a longer-lasting material and is often the most preferred choice for large-scale fillings in the back of teeth.

Unlike metal fillings, metal-free fillings strengthen and protect a tooth that was weakened by decay or a crack/chip. They attach themselves to the structure of the tooth, restoring its natural strength instead of making it more vulnerable to breaks.

Interested in Learning More About Metal-Free Fillings?

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