New Advances in Bleaching & Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic Surgery in dentistry and beautifying one’s smile have become a daily request in my practice. Many patients express a desire for whiter teeth. It used to be that I could only offer my patients two different forms of tooth whitening. The first option, laser bleaching, proved to be inaccessible to many people due to its cost. Patients were also hesitant because of the time involved, and tooth sensitivity that might occur. The second option was the take home bleaching kits. This method was a fraction of the cost of laser bleaching but many found filling the trays nightly with liquid messy and difficult to comply with. Now I am so excited about introducing to my practice the next generation of tooth whitening. This new process uses a laser like beam of light called a PAC light. The PAC light has similar properties to the laser however it reduces patient sensitivity and allows the procedure to be completed in a single 40-minute office visit at half the cost. It is amazing that a procedure, which used to take a half a day, can now be accomplished during someone’s lunch hour.

The PAC light has also excelled in other areas of dentistry. Currently halogen lights are used to set bonding material for the placement of tooth colored fillings and porcelain veneers. Due to the high intensity of the beam, the PAC light sets the bonding materials harder and with less shrinkage, creating stronger restorations in a fraction of the time.

Staying current is the cornerstone of my practice. We were the first office in Chicago to use hospital style sterile packs for all dental procedures. We emphasize early detection and treatment of gum diseases and halitosis using the Halimeter and the Periotemp, new diagnostic instruments. We offer the highest level of cosmetic rehabilitation through implants, bridgework and porcelain veneers. Now we are proud to offer the PAC light and all of its benefits.

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