ABC News Shares “A Cure For Bad Breath”

SPOKANE, WA-The ABC News program “20/20” recently provided valuable information that could help alleviate a problem affecting millions of Americans: chronic bad breath.

“Is someone you know an offender? Do you yourself, worry about getting too dose? Well, modem science has come to the rescue, discovering the source of this sensitive problem and a way to finally treat it, “20/20” hostess Barbara Walters said as she opened a segment titled “A Cure For Bad Breath.”

In the 10-minute segment, which aired Feb. 2, ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Timothy Johnson explained that most bad breath is produced by a type of bacteria in the back of the mouth, particularly on the back of the tongue.

These bacteria thrive on lack of oxygen “and are usually washed away by saliva, but when they’re not they can actually form a kind of ‘tongue plaque,’ producing foul-smelling gases called volatile sulfur compounds hat’s what we call bad breath or halitosis,” Johnson said.

The segment featured stories of people who wiped out chronic bad breath problems using special chlorine dioxide mouth rinses and tongue scrapers. Chlorine dioxide safely and effectively beats bad breath by breaking down volatile sulfur compounds.

Odors are caused by compounds containing sulfur bonds in their molecular structures. Chlorine dioxide breaks these bonds, eliminating their ability to produce odors.

“20/20” also cited a “Consumer Reports” study of mouthwashes, which reported that “although products like Listerine did reduce plaque, all of the products lost their breath freshening effect anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour after use.”

“The Tic Tacs, the rinses, all help temporarily, (but) the best ones are the ones with chlorine dioxide,” Johnson said. One such mouth rinse (mentioned and pictured on the show) is available through Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc.

The company produces an array of stabilized chlorine dioxide products, including toothpaste and several mouthrinses. Oxyfresh also offers a patented tongue scraper known as “the Oolitt.” During the segment, several oral Malodor experts agreed that tongue scraping is one of the most essential elements in battling bad breath, and “a critical part of the home regimen.”

Johnson added that tongue scraping and chlorine dioxide rinses provide hope for “radically changing the lives of people who used to cringe over getting too close.”

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