Why Should You Floss?

Why Should You Floss?Most people have heard that they should floss their teeth every day, but some see this as a minor detail in their oral health. Many believe that if they are brushing their teeth twice a day, then flossing isn’t that important. Well, here’s a secret: your dentist always knows when you’re not flossing because your gums and teeth tell the true story.

Why Is Flossing Important

Many people choose not to floss because they fail to see an immediate impact on the quality of their teeth. But, flossing has long-term benefits by creating healthy teeth and gums. It’s a lot like keeping up on the routine maintenance of your car. While you may not notice an immediate change in the function of your car, forgetting to maintain it can lead to larger, more expensive problems down the line.

Flossing is designed to remove plaque and bacteria from between the teeth that brushing cannot remove. Flossing is the only sure way to get rid of all bacteria from in between your teeth. Untreated plaque produces acid, which can create cavities, irritate the gums, and cause gum disease. Gum disease can age your smile and attack the bones in your jaw. Maintaining good oral health helps preserve a radiant, youthful smile.

How Often Should I Floss?  

Many sources say that you should floss at least once a day, but ideally, you should floss twice a day. You should floss in the morning after breakfast and before bed. However, the most important time to floss is at night, before you sleep. Saliva helps remove food particles from your teeth. When you sleep, you produce less saliva, which can increase your risk of developing gum disease.

How to Make Flossing a Habit

Making flossing as much of a habit as you do brushing your teeth. Perform the two acts together, and make flossing a part of your daily routine. Keep your floss next to the toothpaste to remind you to floss every time you brush your teeth. Remember, that while flossing may not show any immediate change in the quality of your teeth, over the long term, they will thank you.

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