Millions See Oxyfresh on National TV – Again

Spokane, WA – For the second time in only five weeks, Oxyfresh products were seen by millions of viewers on a national news program. On Friday March 8 NBC’s “Today Show” aired a segment on curing bad breath-Oxyfresh was also seen on ABC’s “20/20” in February.

Oxyfresh products were prominently shown a number of limes throughout the segment. “Today Show” co-anchor Katie Couric interviewed Dr. Richard Price a dentist and Consumer Advisor for the American Dental Association on the subject of bad breath. Price explained bad breath comes from bacteria in the mouth and volatile sulfur compounds.

“I can wake up in the morning without having a disagreeable mouth odor-anybody can,” said Price. He explained that tongue scraping and using a deodorizing mouthrinse can reduce the bacterial population in the mouth thereby eliminating foul mouth odor.

He called tongue scraping the most important part of reducing mouth odor while adding that brushing and flossing regularly using an effective mouth rinse and scheduling regular dental checkups arc also important.

Price said that many breath mints and mouthwashes arc “simply cover-ups.” He explained that mouthrinses, need to truly deodorize the mouth as opposed to masking odors. Unlike most mouthrinses which contain alcohol and simply mask odor Oxyfresh gets to the source of mouth odor by eliminating the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Oxyfresh Mint Mouthrinse and Natural Flavor Mouthrinse were clearly shown in a close-up shot. then Couric picked up a bottle of Oxyfresh Mouthrinse from a mass of products on the table and said “and then there’s some new mouthrinses.”

While it’s clear that some people still regard Oxyfresh as a “new” product, with the kind of national media exposure we’ve received recently it won’t be long before everyone will know about Oxyfresh!

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