How VELscope® is Detecting Oral Cancer

Although it is not discussed as often as other types of cancer, oral cancer is still a serious and potentially life-threatening diagnosis. Oral cancer is diagnosed in close to 50,000 men and women and estimated to be responsible for the deaths of over 8,500 people every year. While any cancer diagnosis is frightening, it should give you some comfort to know that oral cancer is treatable, especially with early detection. With early detection, the rates of oral cancer survival skyrocket. To accomplish this type of screening, Dr. Fiss offers VELscope® to his patients. Cancer screening with VELscope® can be done in a few short minutes during your next appointment.

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How Does VELscope® Work?

VELscope® is an FDA-approved system that allows for the earliest cancer detection possible. This non-invasive, painless test takes under five minutes but can make all the difference in the world. Previous cancer detection systems used white light to search for any oral abnormalities. The VELscope® is different. This test uses a blue-spectrum light that reveals deeper levels of tissue than white light. The blue light causes the soft tissues of the mouth to fluoresce, revealing patterns in the tissues that allow your dentist to see any abnormalities that may be forming. Often, oral cancer cannot be seen by the naked eye until it has already progressed. Testing with VELscope® allows your dentist to catch any potential issue before it has the opportunity to spread.

Am I At Risk for Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is the sixth leading type of cancer found among men, and unfortunately, these numbers are rising fast, especially among young adults. While the leading cause of oral cancer is tobacco use, it can still affect men and women who have never smoked or used other forms of tobacco. Additional risk factors include a family history of oral cancer, ethnicity, and excessive alcohol use. In short, everyone is at risk for oral cancer and should be tested on a regular basis.

Ask for VELscope® at Your Next Appointment

Dr. Fiss and his staff have long been testing for oral cancer during their patients’ annual checkups. Now, with VELscope®, detecting oral abnormalities is easier than ever before. Make sure that VELscope® is a part of your next appointment. Allow yourself the peace of mind that only early detection can bring.

To learn more about how VELscope® can detect oral cancer, contact Dr. Fiss by calling (312) 951-5230 to set up a consultation.