Cosmetic Dentist Chicago

Finding a good cosmetic dentist in Chicago is an important factor in achieving a beautiful smile. It is imperative that you not only choose someone who is experienced, but also compassionate to your individual goals.

We recommend Benjamin S. Fiss, D.D.S. for all of your dental needs!

About Dr. Fiss

Dr. Fiss is a great option if you are searching for a Chicago cosmetic dentist! He has been in practice for almost 30 years and is continually attending seminars and enrolling in courses that are dedicated to the advances in cosmetic dentistry.

From his office, located on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Dr. Fiss offers state-of-the-art procedures such as treatment of gum disease, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and dental crowns.

We suggest you view photos in our Makeovers section. By doing this, you will be able to see how Dr. Fiss has transformed teeth from flawed to beautiful!

Anxiety and Pain Control

There are multiple steps that Dr. Fiss and his staff take to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Feel free to print and fill out the Dental Health Record and Patient Information Sheet prior to your visit to reduce time spent in the waiting office. Here are some ways that your anxiety and pain can be reduced during your procedure:

  • Leather waiting room chairs and rich colors for a relaxed atmosphere
  • TVs and VCRs are available in each room, as are personal CD players
  • Videos of procedures, photos, and models to educate patients and give them an idea of what to expect
  • Anesthesia in the form of Nitrous for a calming effect

Improving your smile should be a positive experience, not a fearful one.

Please email us or call our office at (312) 642-6631 to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Chicago.

For more information about me see my video: About Dr. Fiss.