Air Purification for Enhanced Safety in Response to COVID-19

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A dentist holding dental tools for consultation and surgical use packed in a protective foil that keeps them sterile for very long time-img-blogDr. Fiss has prioritized safety and sterility in his practice since 1996 when he was among the first dental practices in the country to adopt individualized sterile packs. He did this to ensure the highest quality of safety for his patients.

Since then, Dr. Fiss has repeatedly been on the cutting edge of new sanitation and sterility techniques. He takes great pride in the fact that he has adopted practices that became nationwide guidelines and regulations in the following years.

He has also been a leader in implementing other safety practices such as:

  • Mandatory staff immunizations
  • Protective barriers on major office surfaces
  • Obligatory use of personalized protective equipment (including masks, gloves, eyewear and face masks) by staff
  • The use of DentaPure® waterline purification cartridges

Today, in the face of the COVID-19, Dr. Fiss is again leading the way in implementing new safety and sterility measures to ensure the safety of his patients.

Introducing New Novaerus Portable Air Dis-Infecting Units

Dr. Fiss has recently installed eight Novaerus air dis-infecting units in his office. These units are meant to reduce the risk of viral transmission within the office and ensure that staff and patients remain safe during the outbreak.

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What Are Novaerus Dis-Infecting Units?

The Novaerus dis-infecting units do more than just filter out infectious particles in the air; they actively kill any pathogens which are drawn in through the filters. This filtration prevents any viral particulates from circulating through the area where the Novaerus unit is operating.

How Do Novaerus Dis-Infecting Units Work?

The Novaerus units work by using low-level plasma discharges to disrupt and destroy any organic matter which passes through them—effectively killing any viruses.

In tests using a simulated virus similar to SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus), it was found that a Novaerus unit could remove viral particles from a room within 15 minutes of introduction.

This type of air purification is highly effective and relies on the latest research and advanced technology to maintain a sterile environment within the office.

What Does This Mean to You?

The new Novaerus air dis-infecting units will make it far safer for our patients to be treated in our office. Your safety remains our greatest concern. We are proud that Dr. Fiss continues to lead the way in safety and sterility practices at our office.

Interested in Learning More?

As we anticipate opening back up, we want to ensure the safest surroundings for both our patients and our staff. If you have questions or would like to reach out to us to schedule a consultation once our doors are open, please contact us at 312-642-6631 or fill out our online contact form


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