A Complete Guide to Laser Therapy for Gum Disease

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Periodontal disease (gum disease) occurs when the gum tissue becomes inflamed or infected with bacteria. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, chronic illness, medications, and genetic susceptibility can cause plaque and bacteria to develop, leading to gum disease. 

3D image of dental diode laser used to treat gums

Some patients only require non-surgical gum disease treatments like scaling, root planing, or deep cleaning. However, patients experiencing more severe gum infections can develop gum bleeding, gum recession, or tooth sensitivity that may require more advanced laser treatments. 

Here is a brief guide to professional laser periodontal therapies for treating gum disease.  

How Do You Fix Gum Disease?

Step 1

Periodontal disease is a severe condition that can cause other dental diseases to develop if untreated. Thankfully, laser periodontal treatments are a modern solution for gum disease. 

While there are several different laser treatments available in the dental industry, laser therapy for gum disease typically begins with quick delivery of concentrated light to the infected gum tissue. This application is designed to reach the inflammation without causing trauma to the surrounding area.

Step 2

As the dental laser makes contact with the infected area, it can either kill the bacteria or remove inflamed gum tissue entirely, allowing for easier cleaning and dental care. 

Step 3

After the infected tissue is removed and the root is exposed, root scaling can begin. Root scaling is characterized by scraping off plaque and calculus that has accumulated under the gumline and surrounding the root. 

Your provider will then smooth the root with special dental instruments to remove any uneven tissue that might draw bacteria and cause future infections. During your healing process, the areas between the gum and the root will regenerate. 

What Are the Benefits of Laser Therapy for Gum Disease?

Dental experts report several benefits of utilizing laser therapy to treat gum disease. For instance, laser therapy does not require a general anesthetic, unlike other forms of dental surgery. Dental lasers can also target an infected or inflamed area quickly and accurately, reducing the possibility of other dental diseases developing.  

Are There Risks With Laser Therapy for Gum Disease?

Periodontal laser therapy is less invasive than regular surgery, which manages and mitigates risk. With the professional help of Dr. Fiss, periodontal laser therapies in Chicago can treat gum disease with brief recovery times and minimal bleeding, pain, and swelling. 

How Can Perio Protect Trays® Assist in Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment?

One of the most promising new technologies for preventing and treating gum disease are Perio Protect Trays®, and these can be an excellent adjacent therapy with laser therapy for gum disease.

Perio Protect Trays® are a prescription, at-home gum disease treatment appropriate for patients of all ages—even if you have no history of gum disease. These wearable trays deliver antimicrobial medication between dental checkups that treat gum infections and help prevent new infections from developing.

These trays are painless and lead to healthier gums and cleaner teeth.

Interested in Learning More?

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