Speaker 1: Here are four cases that we have successfully rehabilitated with implants.

This patient fell and fractured her front tooth. It needed to be replaced. An implant was placed, along with three adjacent veneers, perfectly restoring her smile.

Occasionally, people are born without one or more teeth. This patient was missing one of her teeth. We initally improved the color of her teeth via Zoom Bleaching. Surrounded by five veneers, an implant replaced her missing tooth, enhancing her smile.

Multiple implants are placed due to severe bone loss. This x-ray shows the number of titanium cylinders placed. This picture shows all of the implants prior to completing the final restoration. of the patient’s mouth. Due to the number of implants placed, we were able to completed this case using permanently cemented bridges, restoring function and beauty.

This patient was missing all of their teeth, and had been wearing full upper and lower dentures. We used multiple implants and snaps were placed on the implants. In cases such as this, we used implant-supported dentures using the snaps to create a firm attachment to the upper and lower jaw.