Dr. Benjamin S. Fiss – Teeth Whitening

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Bleaching or tooth whitening is a simple procedure, which can be performed with your dentist’s help, to provide a whiter smile. Avoidance of tooth whitening products sold over the counter is wise, for many of these do not work or can be harmful to your teeth and gums.


There are two forms of bleaching available:

  • The tray method, your dentist takes impressions of your mouth, from which carefully molded trays are formed. These trays are thin and light to wear. The patient adds a small amount of liquid to the tray and proceeds to wear them from two to six hours per day until the desired whitening is achieved. This process usually takes two weeks. The trays are kept and can be used again for touch-ups. The cost of this procedure is approximately $400.00.
  • We now offer ZOOM! in the office to compliment our bleaching services!

What is Zoom?

ZOOM! is a radically new chairside tooth whitening system that uses a full-mouth bleaching light combined with a revolutionary 25% Hydrogen Peroxide light activated gel to lighten teeth 6-10 shades in about an hour.

The ZOOM! Technology

ZOOM! is the culmination of extensive research into light technology, chemical reaction to light and years of traditional tooth whitening experience. Combining this proprietary light technology (specially designed for tooth whitening) with a specifically formulated hydrogen peroxide gel in a two part delivery system results in a tooth whitening system that significantly reduces the time it takes to achieve dramatically whiter teeth.

Why ZOOM! over Competitors?

ZOOM! was developed by the leader and pioneer in whitening products for professional use, Discus Dental. We believe ZOOM! is the best, most complete tooth whitening system available today.

The proprietary light technology and light activated gel were scientifically designed to work together for faster in-office whitening. Low sensitivity is an important aspect of the ZOOM! procedure.

General Facts about Bleaching:

  • Regardless of the type of bleach used, some general facts apply. All bleaching systems whiten your teeth, but when bleaching is over, the color will fade about half a shade. Using the tray method in conjunction with ZOOM.
  • Bleaching can only be performed on clean, healthy teeth and healthy gums.
  • Bleaching will not whiten existing fillings and crowns. The doctor must discuss with the patient their expectations and point out what work might need to be changed so as to achieve consistent color.
  • Bleaching only works on enamel. Teeth which have thin enamel due to chemical or physical abrasion will whiten poorly. This should also be reviewed prior to starting treatment.
  • Sensitive teeth are the most commonly reported side effect.